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Super Dragon Fifth Omni Formation vs Hundred Thunder Demons

This set was released on May 13th, 2017 in English. This Special Set will feature a Drum focused deck and a Yamigedo focused deck, and will come with two packs of 55 sleeves. A special version will be sold at 10th Anniversary events in Japan with alternate art cards. Dragon World: 30 card types (6 new cards + 24 reprints) with 1 BR/4 RRR/2 RR Hundred Demons: 27 card types (6 new cards + 21 reprints) with 1 BR/4 RRR/2 RR This deck's exclusive cards are a part of the English Set X-BT02A "Evolution & Mutation". Super Dragon Fifth Omni Formation: 5 Successor to the Fifth Omni, Drum (1 BR; 1 RRR) 2 Fifth Omni Super Dragon Emperor, Kaizer Drum (1 RRR) 3 Savage Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Tenbu (1 RRR) 4 Fifth Omni Cavalry Dragon Disciple, Sand Staff Hagun (1 RRR) 2 Dragobright, Light of the Fifth Omni 4 Fifth Omni Dragon Fist, Shining Dragon 1 First Omni Beast Lord, Ziun 1 Second Omni Demon Lord, Asmodai 1 Third Omni Water Lord, Miserea 1 Fourth Omni Fire Lord, Burn Nova 1 Fifth Omni Super Dragon Lord, Kaizer Drum (1 RR) 1 Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum (1 RR) 1 Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum the Punisher 1 "Awakened" Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum 1 Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Tenbu 1 Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Tenbu "SD" 1 Sixth Omni Dragon Lord, Variable Cord 1 Seventh Omni Earth Lord, Count Dawn 1 Eighth Omni Deity Lord, Grangadez 1 Ninth Omni Brave Lord, Mukuro 2 Blue Dragon Shield 2 Green Dragon Shield 3 Lord`s Dragon Shield 2 Dragodesperate 2 Emblem of Omni Lords 2 Dragoguts 2 Fifth Omni Dragon Sword, Emperor Fang 1 Dragon Lord Initiation, Giga Howling Crusher!! 1 Unparalleled Arts, Omni Lord Infinite Burst! 1 Dragon World Hundred Thunder Demons: 5 INV Fiend, Kokujo Yamigedo (1 BR; 1 RRR) 2 Hundred Demons General, Yomotsugozuryu (1 RRR) 3 Nameless Valkyrie (1 RRR) 4 Demon Lord Daingas (1 RRR) 2 Evil Deity Sorcery, Gedoshoki 4 Split Claw, Raijin 2 Great Leader, Anson 2 Specter of Darkness Wasteland, O-Yamigedo (1 RR) 2 Great Fiend, Yamigedo (1 RR) 2 Dragon Knight, Pisaro 2 Ice Prison Emperor, Cocytus Greed 2 Hasted Evolution, Yamigedo 2 Eliminator, Glasya Labolas 1 INV First Omni Beast Lord, Kage Ziun 1 INV Second Omni Demon Lord, Death Asmodai 1 INV Third Omni Water Lord, Dark Miserea 1 INV Fourth Omni Fire Lord, Venom Nova 1 INV Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Crazed Drum 1 INV Sixth Omni Dragon Lord, Catastrophe Cord 1 INV Seventh Omni Earth Lord, Twilight Count 1 INV Eighth Omni Deity Lord, Devilgadez 1 Void Omni Wicked Lord, Negulbalz 3 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Yamitagae 2 Gedo Shield 2 Starved Yamigedo 2 Shrine of the Corrupted Fuchigami 1 Parade of Hundred Demons

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