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Buddyfight Sets

Tyralord, Zerberos Aog


Ancient World

Card Type:

Size 4 Monster


MAX Dragon


Power: 15000 / Critical: 3 / Defense: 10000

Card Ability

■ This card can only be called by «MAX Dragon» effects. ■ [Call Cost] [Put a size 3 «MAX Dragon» on your field into the drop zone] ■ When this card enters the field, put up to one «MAX Dragon» monster from your deck into your hand, and shuffle your deck. Then, for this turn and the next turn, this card gets defense+15000! ■ "Against All Odds" If there is only one monster on your field, all cards on your field cannot be destroyed, or returned to hand by your opponent's card effects. [Double Attack]

Flavour Text

Always seek out power and evolve. That is the true path to being strongest.

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