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Thunder Knights, Inspriation Halberd Dragon


Dragon World

Card Type:

Size 2 Monster


Armordragon, Golden Dragon


Power: 7000 / Critical: 3 / Defense: 7000

Card Ability

When this card specifies a card with "Thunder Knights", it actually uses "迅雷", which is just the "Thunder" part of Thunder Knights card names. However, other cards with "Thunder" in their card name are translated from just "雷", so we have left it as "Thunder Knights" to avoid confusion. For clarification, this card interacts with all "Thunder Knights" cards, as well as "Thunderblade, Dragobreaker", "Thunder Formation", and "Thunderstorm Formation. ■ [Call Cost] [Pay 2 gauge] ■ [Counter] [Act] "Thunder Essence" During this turn, if a monster with "Thunder Knights" in its card name has [Move], you may call this card from your hand without paying its [Call Cost] ■ When this card enters the field or [Move], destroy a monster on your opponent's field. [Move]

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