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Buddyfight Sets

Silver Soul Release, Gargantua Dragon

Card Type:

Size 2 Monster


Dragod, Deity Dragon Tribe


Power: 10000 / Critical: 2 / Defense: 5000

This promo card is a scratch card. There is silver covering the card upon first getting it, and must be scratched off to view in full.

Card Ability

■ You may use this card with all flags, and if it is your buddy, you may use 《Dragod》 monsters from all worlds. ■ If the silver from this card is scraped out, this card gets power+10000! {Deity G•EVO} At the end of the battle of this card, draw a card. Then, call up to one «Dragod» monster from your hand on top of this card without paying its [Call Cost]! {Deity G•EVO} only activates once per turn. ({Deity G•EVO} is also treated as {G•EVO}) [Penetrate]

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