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Buddyfight Sets

Rumbling Thunderaxe, Agito


Ancient World

Card Type:

Size 1 Monster


Linkdragon Order


Power: 5000 / Critical: 2 / Defense: 1000

Card Ability

■ All «Linkdragon Order» on your field get [Soulguard]. {D Share} {D} At the start of your attack phase, you may put a card from your drop zone into this card's soul.

Flavour Text

AR: This is not my own power! It's the power of Linkdragon Order! SEC: Protecting comrades. That thought pushed Agito to a whole new evolution. BR: Lend me your strength too! Let's take them on together! SP: "Time to show them who's boss, Agito!" "Masato, I'm ready to take them on!"

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