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Kagura-bell of Worship


Katana World

Card Type:



Electrodeity, Weapon


Power: 3000 / Critical: 1

Card Ability

■ At the start of each player's main phase, you may put a size 3 «Electrodeity» from your hand on top of this card. The card put on top is treated as an item until it leaves the field. ■ At the end of each player's turn, equip this card from an item's soul and return the previously equipped card to hand. ■ This card on the field and items with this card in their souls cannot be destroyed. ■ If this card in the soul of an item, it cannot be dropped by cards.

Flavour Text

Purging evil with purity. Electrodeities shall grant me the strength. (RR) I won't lose as well! (SP)

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