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Deity Gargantua Punisher!!


Katana World

Card Type:



Dragod, Deity Dragon Tribe

Card Ability

■ You may only cast this card if your opponent's life is 5 or less, you have a «Dragod» monster on your field, and the total power of cards on your field is 12000 or greater. ■ [Cast Cost] [Pay 2 gauge] ■ Deal 5 damage to your opponent!! This card cannot be nullified, and its damage cannot be reduced.

Flavour Text

■ Resound in the moonlit night, Gargantua Punisher! (S-BT02 R) ■ The flash of deity cleaves the dark night apart! (S-BT02 Secret) ■ The furious strike of a deity cuts throught the darkest night! (S-SS02)

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